What story does your home tell?

Our homes tell a story. 

When we purchased our very first home in 2015, the whole process was way more complicated and terrifying than I ever imagined. Every commercial on television makes it seem so easy, and they were all lies! Luckily, we had a lot of help along the way-from amazing friends who let us live in their homes and cared for our children (and dog!) for the month we were in between our rental and the new place, to family who gifted us money to pay for a down payment, furnish the new place, and helped us move in. We would not have survived that transition, and we quite literally would not be living in our home, if it were not for the enormous amount of love and support our family and friends showed us. And don't even get me started on our amazing realtor or I will just shed real tears on this keyboard. 

When we were able to finally move in I began thinking about paint colors and decor for our house, and I knew right away that I wanted our home to tell the story of who we are and be a reminder of where we have come from. An homage of sorts, to our loved ones, to what we hold most dear, and to our little family. 

As soon as you walk in our front door, our entry walls are pink (Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball, by the way-SWOON). Listen, if I am super honest, pink is not on my list of favorite colors, but this pink is beautiful and light and dusty and it was my husbands' late grandmother's favorite color and it reminds me of my mom. My favorite picture of Grandma Evelyn, holding our sweet son Leo when he was oh, so tiny hangs in the foyer. Our favorite family pictures will hopefully line the stairwell someday (hello, long list of projects). But that foyer? It is dedicated to Grandma and the legacy of the matriarch of our family. I have had the honor of being a part of my husband's family for over a decade now and from the minute I walked in Grandma's door to the very last time I was in that sweet house after she passed I always felt at home. I mean, that woman knew the definition of hospitality, and would offer it to family and stranger alike. But you know what? I truly believe that she also put her heart and soul into making their home that Grandpa built with his own two hands a testament to who they were, what they held dear, and a warm comfy place for all who entered. 

I am hopeful that our home, and our family, can be that warm, safe space that knows no stranger and where you feel so welcome that you'll be raiding our shelves for treats and the fridge for caffeine–free Cokes without permission.

 What do your walls say? What kind of story does your home tell about you and your family? I would love to hear about what your home says about your family in the comments below!