The Lilly Chapel Story

My grandparents have always been a huge source of inspiration for me. My grandfather was the king of taking basically nothing and making something wonderful out of it; he was our go-to as kids when we needed something fixed, built, or sewn. 

Grandma and Grandpa knew the meaning of family and how to make a house a home. I'll always remember how warm their floors felt in the winter on my bare feet. The candy dish on the piano that I visited the moment I stepped through the door. The smell of that house on Lilly Chapel has stayed with me to this day. For a kid whose house was ever-changing that little brick, Cape-Cod felt more like home to me than any place I'd known.

And so with each home I enter, whether I'm helping a client develop their own sense of style for their new home or staging an old, beloved home to sell so they can move to that next place on their journey, I take my Grandparents and the love that they shared with me.


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